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Wordle Label Cloud Widget for your Blog

Written By Admin on 23.6.09 | 01.12

This article take from blogal IT, the coolest “Tag Cloud” or “Label Cloud” widgets amoung the bloggers, designed by Jonathan Feinberg. With very unique, artistic and creative design, it fits very good in every blog, by making real time changes and redesign the Wordle Widget, such as the layout, fonts, color scheme and languages.
How to install Wordle?!

* Go to Wordle.net/create and paste your website/blog URL, click submit and in few seconds the Wordle Label Cloud widget will appear.
* Then just press the Save to public gallery button and a dialog box will appear asking for Title and Username but nevermind, you can leave it as Anonymous by pressing OK and finally you will have your code.
* Login to your blogger account, go to Page Elements then Add a Gadget, paste the code and click Save. You are done.

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  1. wah ada yang instant ga perlu pegel ngetik kode-kode, makasih om !